Why is a trust better than a Corporation
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A Trust is more private

A Trust costs less

A Trust is more flexible

A Trust can be set up instantly

A Trust is legal in all jurisdictions without permission

A Trust is usually not required to be registered

A Trust does not require renewal fees annually

A Trust does not have to disclose directors

A Trust can change management easily

A Trust continues after death or incapacity

A Trust may not have to file tax returns

A Trust can change beneficiaries

A Trust can be a low cost starter organization to begin a business

Actually, a trust is not always better than a corporation. There are some situations where a corporation or an LLC may be expected. For instance, it may be easier to operate a retail store that requires city licenses. Some typical business documents are presented to corporate officers and might ask for a corporate styled signature.

 Why is a trust better than a Corporation, J Jay Lashlee