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The Trust Documents

The trust is automatically private, unless you publically record it. Most trusts are not publically recorded.

You can record it privately at a private trust registrar. (See below: www.TrustRegistry.net)

The Trust Assets

Creating a trust to accept ownership during acquisition is the best way to get instant privacy. Buying a car directly into the trust (without prior personal titled ownership) is one example.

Opening a new bank account in trust allows you to have privacy especially if using the trust EIN number as the account identifer. Some bankers will refuse to do it correctly and will improperly identify the account based on your number. If they insist on improper identification, go to a different branch or a different bank entirely.


The creator, the trustee, and the beneficiaries are all automatically private.

The trustee may become visible because of management activity, licenses, registration, or legal activity. The trustee may have requests or demands to disclose the contents of the trust, but usually this does not happen. Regardless of disclosures, the beneficiaries are absolutely protected, and trustees are immune from personal attack from their normal and legal actions.
Disclosure on one trust does not affect privacy of other trusts or even the existence of other trusts.


If you previously owned the asset before transferring ownership to the trust, the records will still be there. This is usually not a problem, especially as time continues, as records do not always remain available, nor are old records always reliable.

If you choose to disclose an association with assets, then you are often removing some privacy (and perhaps removing some protection).

Trust Registry and Trust Registrars

Registration (recording) verifies the existance of special transactions, agreements, organizations, and documents. This could be valuable in the event of loss, dispute, death, or damage to documents. Some states and countries have a public or private registrar. This allows maintaining privacy of celebrities, victims, stars, organizations, government officials, and sometimes other concerned individuals. Many registrars are protective of their customers, but not independently secure from each other.

We suggest complete registration security at: www.TrustRegistry.net for complete recorded privacy. Absolutely no organization or person can get information without your permission.

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